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Fenton Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Nervous about dental procedures? It’s time to relax …

For many people, fear of dental treatment is a barrier that cannot be overcome, And as a result, years of dental neglect makes many problems worse.

DeCo Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to offer a solution for these problems. We have teamed up with Premiere Dental Anesthesiology to provide Fenton sedation dentistry options.

Each procedure will pair our dentist up with an anesthesiology team (anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist) to provide the safest sedation options available. We have been able to complete treatment for many patients both adults and children with the help of Premiere.

With Premiere Dental Anesthesiology, each case is personally performed by a board certified anesthesiologist along with a nurse or anesthesiologist assistant. They bring the finest standard of anesthesia care to the office; no less than that expected at major medical centers.

Nitrous oxide is another popular option to relieve anxiety during dental procedures. Giving an especially nervous dental patient a little nitrous oxide helps to minimize any anxiety during their dental visit. We administer it, and you begin to enter a state of dreamy sleepiness.

After taking nitrous oxide, you do not care what is happening around you. It feels like you are experiencing something very pleasant – even funny! – and you will be in a state of contented happiness.

Sedation dentistry is an option for almost any patient who suffers from anxiety or a fear of dental visits. It's also popular with patients who prefer a light amount of sedation to make a dental visit more comfortable.

You are allowed to go home following the sedation dentistry procedure, but cannot drive for the rest of the day — and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The medication wears off very quickly, but could leave you feeling unsteady for the first few hours.

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“Very professional and very considerate. They strive to make me feel comfortable knowing that I tend to be fearful of dental work.” - Mar 10, 2016 READ MORE REVIEWS